Gazco Riva2 500HL Slimline Glass Fronted Gas Fire

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Model: gazco0013

Gazco Riva2 500HL Slimline Glass Fronted Gas Fire

Riva2 500HL Slimline Edge 

The Gazco Riva2 500HL Slimline comes ready as a frameless Edge fire, for installation into a cavity wall to take the majority of the fire’s depth. A slim studwork surround or faux chimney breast can be constructed to house the fire’s front facing 75mm depth. Integrating seamlessly with your surrounding décor, the minimalist styling of the Edge allows your interior to frame the fire and ensures the flames are the centre of attention. The Riva2 500HL Slimline gas fire comes with a Programmable thermostatic remote control to give you complete control over your fire.


500HL Slimline Icon XS Frame

Constructed from shimmering Black Glass positioned geometrically around the gas fire, the Icon XS frame draws the eye with luxurious surfaces and clean minimalist detailing.


 500HL Slimline Verve XS Frame

Complementing the 500HL’s modern looks and clean styling, the Verve XS adds an elegantly curved frame for increased visual presence.


500HL Slimline Esprit Surround 

An eye-catching alternative to the Edge or frame styling choices, the Esprit adds a surround that houses the Riva2 500HL Slimline’s remaining 75mm front facing depth once installed into a cavity wall, minimising building work.

Featuring subtly curving interchangecable top and base sections, the Esprit is finished in chic Graphite, creating a prominent and contemporary focal point in any setting.


Lining Options

Creating a backdrop to the stunning flames, the Riva2 500HL Slimline lining options let you choose the style of your fire and the atmosphere it will create.

vermiculite-lining black-reeded-lining
EchoFlame Black Glass Lining Vermiculite Lining Black Reeded Lining



Fire Choices Efficiency Efficiency Class Heat Output Width Height
Riva2 500HL Slimline Edge - Balanced Flue 86% B/C* 4.6kW 400mm 388mm

* Natural Gas has an efficiency class rating of B, LPG has an efficiency class rating of C.

Riva2 500HL Slimline Edge Dimensions



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