Bio ethanol fireplaces are becoming more popular in peoples homes because they offer a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces since they burn bio-ethanol fuel without producing smoke, ash, or harmful emissions.

Fuelled by a renewable modern energy, Denatured Alcohol ensures efficient combustion of the bioethanol fuel, resulting in clean-burning flames. The Bio-Ethanol fire heats the room with varying heat outputs to suit the room or space. Bio ethanol fireplaces come in various designs, including wall-mounted bio ethanol fire, free-standing models, tabletop versions, and inserts that can be placed in existing traditional fireplaces. Also including manual models and fully sequential remote control models. They often offer modern and sleek aesthetics, making them suitable for contemporary interior designs.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Showroom in London

Here at Stonewoods, our showroom in London offers a hands-on experience with 12 bio-ethanol fires on live display. We have some traditional bioethanol fireplaces set up which shows you how you can include a bioethanol burner in your traditional fireplace design, wall mounted bio ethanol fires and a example of an outdoor bio-ethanol fire table and even a ceiling hanging bioethanol fire.

At Stonewoods we pride ourselves in allowing customers to see various bio ethanol fireplace models up close and set up in a way to help them imagine how the flueless bioethanol fireplace could become a part of their home, we also provide guidance on installation and maintenance.

Please browse through the Bio-Ethanol collections on our website or alternatively visit us in our London showroom or contact us for more information.

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