All multi-fuel stoves are designed so that you have the option to use a choice of solid fuels. Unlike limiting you to just burning wood like you would only be able to burn if you have a traditional wood burning stove.

Multi fuel stoves allow you to burning logs, coal and smokeless fuel, such as anthracite coal and peat/turf briquettes. Although you can only burn one type of fuel at any one time.

Please be aware of only burning approved fuel when you are within a Smoke Controlled Area. For example you will not be able to burn traditional coal when you are in a smoke controlled zone.

All multi-fuel stoves have a grate and an ashpan inside. The grate allows an air flow from underneath the fuel bed as well as above. The reasoning for this is because some fuels burn more efficiently when the air circulates from below. The ashpan collects the ash which is created from the fire and helps you easily remove the ash from the stove.

Here at our London showroom, we have an outstanding selection of stoves on live display including traditional wood burning stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves.

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