The Optifire 763/764 D by Bodart and Gonay (BG Fires)

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Model: SO01009

The Optifire 763/764 D by Bodart and Gonay (BG Fires)


The Optifire 763/764 D Double Fronted Stove by Bodart and Gonay (BG Fires) Complete with Optional Fan FOC

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 The Optifire belongs to the very latest generation of wood-burning fireplaces in our stove collection at Stonewoods. It utilises a brand new combustions principlemaking it possible to achieve exceptional results in terms of low CO2 emissions and high efficiency. It Operates at over 70% efficiency and offers a high 10KW output warming very large spaces. 

The 763/764 D differs from other fires in the range as it is double fronted allowing the fire to be placed into a partician wall allowing you to look through the flame picture. Featuring a truly unique design it is an eye catching modern stove which is influenced by rural styles and provides a powerful heat source to even large rooms.


Output: 8-10KW

Efficiency: 70%