Faber Respect IC - Ex-Display Model

£2,500.00 including VAT
(collection price only - delivery available upon request)
Model: SO01020

Faber Respect IC - Ex-Display Model

WAS: £5,000.00 Including VAT

NOW: £2,500.00 Including VAT

In most houses, the corner of a room is used relatively less effective, but for a fireplace it could actually be the perfect spot. The Respect IC (Inner Corner) can be installed in any corner.

The concept of this fireplace is a wide view of the fire, packaged in a stylish design that doesn't distract from the flames. The Respect IC is equipped with a single piece of continuous glass – without any visual seams. The corner divides the fireplaces so to speak in two symmetrical parts, this ensures balance in the space. The reflecting glass back wall creates more depth to the fire, giving it a magical effect especially in a corner setup. All depending on your choice, the flames seem to dance even more around the realistic logs, grey grit stone or white carrara pebbles. This fireplace is of the quality you're accustomed to from Faber. Quality combined with the most modern technique. 

Technical Specifications

  • - Built-in fire
  • - Logs Effect Fuel Bed
  • - Interior finish: Black Mirror Glass
  • - Natural gas
  • - Heat input: 14.2kW
  • - Heat output: 10.6kW
  • - Balanced flue in 200/130mm size
  • - Full Sequential Remote Control



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