Flueboost 800

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Model: cf0007

Flueboost 800

The gas fire model Flueboost 800 handles flue gases at up to 300c. This will vary dependant on length and width of flue. Being suitable for fireplaces with a maximum constructional opening of 1m2. For the most efficiency the ideal velocity of flue gas should be 2.5 – 4 m/s.


Advantages of an Inline Fan

  • Maintenance is easy and hassle free
  • Installed in any void it's out of sight
  • Suitable in listed buildings
  • No scaffolding required at time of installation or during maintenance


Supplied with a six core coded lead. 1 = N/O; 2 = N/C; 3 = Common; 4 = Live to Motor; 5 = Earth Neutral green and yellow.

Installation and Maintenance

Owing to its capacity to be fitted into any space installation and maintenance is easy.


Features: Motor of variable speed Centrifugal rotor and secondary cooling impeller Class F windings Sealed and lubricated ball bearings Guaranteed reliable operation 

Pressure Switch

In accordance with the Gas appliance safety directive 2009 – the unit comes pre fitted with an approved fail safe switch. This shuts the gas supply down should a flue blockage or fan failure happen.


For quality and durability our units are constructed from grade 304 stainless steel finished in mill.