Flueboost 350

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Model: cf0006

Flueboost 350

The Flueboost 350 model efficiently deals with flue gasses of up to 300c. This is variable dependant on size and length of flue used. This model is suitable for fireplaces with a maximum constructional opening of 0.5m2. For optimum usage the velocity of the flue gas should be between 2.5 – 4m/s.


Advantages of an Inline Fan

  • Can be located in any void – ie: roof space / loft, so it's not visible outside
  • Is suitable for use in listed buildings
  • Maintenance is easy and hassle free
  • No requirement for scaffolding to install or maintain


This unit is supplied with a six pin connector, which is coded for ease on installation. Cable 1 – N/O Cable 2 – N/C Cable 3 – Common Cable 4 – Live Motor Cable 5 – Neutral Earth (green/yellow) 

Installation and Maintenance

This unit can be fitted into any accessible space, thus making maintenance and installation simple and hassle free.


Class F windings, sealed lubricated ball bearings, variable speed motor with a centrifugal rotor and cooling impeller. This combination makes for reliable operation for many years. 

Pressure Switch

As in accordance with the Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC. This unit features an approved fail-safe function, it shuts down the gas supply completely in the event of a blockage in the flue or a fan failure.


Stainless steel, mill grade 304.