Marble Mantel

Original Victorian Plain Arched Mantel In St Annes Marble

Original Late Victorian Breccia Damascata Marble Mantel

An Original Edwardian Acanthus Leaf Corbel Mantel In Carrara Marble

Original Edwardian Corbel Mantel In Carrara Marble

Refurbished Reproduction Regency Style Mantelpiece Of Impressive Proportions With Carved Motive On Tablet Fluted Frieze and Carved Leaf Corbels

Edwardian Carrara Marble Mantel

A Large Original Victorian Corbel Mantel With Inlayed Panels in Carrara Marble

Original Victorian Corbel Mantel

Original Victorian Art Nouveau Corbel Mantel in Statuary White Marble

Original Edwardian Fluted Corbel in Statuary White Marble

Turquin Blue Bardiglio Marble Mantel

Original Carrara Marble Mantel

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